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With years' experiences of marketing and techniques, Scene has become a leading, well known and trustful manufacturer of infrared/white light illuminator, LED camera housing, LED strobe lights and other environment illumination light sources. Our products have been widely apply in security and safety, lighting projects at office, plaza, banking, school, home automation, factory, public building, road, industrial and mining, military and various special occasions.

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Shantou Scene Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the best China LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers, with ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV, we are able to produce IR illuminator, LED flood light, camera housing, PoE IR, Laser module and other video surveillance products with reliable quality.


White Light Illuminator Half a century ago, solid-state electronics was still in the form of small-signal devices, and its initial goal was to replace vacuum tubes in switches and amplifiers. White Light Illuminator A few decades have passed, transistors, integrated circuits and other solid-state circuits have been phased out and replaced the vast majority of circuit systems in vacuum tubes. White Light Illuminator Even cathode ray tubes (CRTs) are being gradually replaced by flat panel displays. Solid-state electronics The next step is to conquer the goal is not something else, and it is the predecessor of the vacuum tube - incandescent light bulb (and its peers fluorescent light source).
Infrared sensor detection wavelength range is 8 ~ 14μm, the human body's infrared peak wavelength of about 10μm, just within the range. Intelligent IR Illuminator The sensor contains two thermocouples in series or in parallel. And the two polarizations are exactly the opposite direction, Intelligent IR Illuminator the ambient background radiation has almost the same effect on the two pyroelectrics, so that the discharge effect is canceled each other, so the detector no signal output, once the human body into the detection area, Human body infrared radiation through the part of the mirror and focus, so the pyroelectric element to receive, but the two pyroelectrics received different heat, pyroelectric is also different, can not offset, the signal processing and alarm.
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